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Any member of Frome Writers' Collective may make an initial submission to Silver Crow Books.
The service is run by FWC coordinators in tandem with a team of trained readers.
The submission process is outlined below.

Submission windows for new manuscripts are:
1. from March 1st to June 1st
2. from September 1st to December 1st.

Email us at for more information

The Submission Process

Stage 1: Initial submission

An initial submission comprises 3,000 words from the beginning of the manuscript and a 500-600 word synopsis, together with a completed form and fee. 

Costs are below:

a. for writers who are new to Silver Crow: £50 (to pay 2 readers).

b. for writers previously accepted by Silver Crow £25 (to pay 1 reader).

All submissions are also read by one or more coordinators.


Stage 2: Interim submission

Following the readers’ report to the author, there will be a conversation between the author and the coordinators concerning possible revisions. Normally, the author will then resubmit the original 3,000 words, plus another thousand from the middle of the manuscript, but this stage can be adapted according to the manuscript and author’s needs.

Costs: free

Stage 3: Full submission

The author submits the full manuscript which is read by two readers and two coordinators. A full report will follow and the manuscript will be accepted for Silver Crow endorsement, or there will be further conversations between the author and the coordinators.

Cost: £125


Silver Crow is a publishing partner, rather than a publisher. The service provides a friendly, middle way between traditional publishing and authors tackling self-publishing by themselves, and offers support and guidance throughout the process as well as cost-effective manuscript screening.

A manuscript’s acceptance for Silver Crow means that the the author is able to use the Silver Crow logo, enjoy the benefit of joint publicity, and take advantage of promotional opportunities (e.g. talks, markets etc.). The book will also be listed on the website as a Silver Crow book. Advice about agents and self-publishing routes will be given on request.