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Silver Crow is the Frome Writers’ Collective imprint and an innovative addition to the world of publishing. 

For FWC members, it offers:

  • a middle way between traditional publishing and ‘going it alone’
  • a cost-effective evaluation of your manuscript 
  • a detailed written report plus face-to-face feedback
  • discounts with selected publishing partners
  • use of the Silver Crow logo
  • collective promotional and marketing opportunities

Submissions of adult, young adult and junior fiction, and general interest non-fiction from any FWC member welcomed.

Please email   or telephone 01373 452541 to enquire.

The Promise of Salvation by Nikki Copleston

When little Yazmin Fletcher’s bones are discovered in Wiltshire woodland twenty years after her disappearance, DI Jeff Lincoln promises Sonia, her mother, that he’ll find out what happened to her. His efforts are hampered by his new boss, though, who’d rather he investigated an incident at the country club.

BUY HERE: £10.99 from 12 November

Zoe & the Ancient Egypt Adventure by Gill Ingram

There’s a new boy in Zoe’s class who tells unbelievable stories.

Everyone says he’s a liar and avoids him. Zoe does the same until one day . . .

This is the second book of three.

BUY HERE: £5.99 from 12 November

No Ordinary Life by Ann Baron 

No Ordinary Life, Ann Barron’s memoir of her extraordinary grandfather, describes his early travels in the Middle East, lumberjack adventures in Canada, service on the Western Front in WWI, followed by service in Palestine. A military man, churchman and diplomat, the momentous changes he witnessed, and in which he played a part, still resonate in the Middle East today.

BUY HERE: £9.72

Dissenters by Liz Hutchinson

In the 1660s, English society experienced a religious, social and industrial upheaval. Throughout the land, thousands of Puritan clergy were expelled from their churches and homes if they refused to conform. In Frome, the town’s flourishing woollen industry brought wealth to a few, while for others, the threat of poverty, starvation or the gallows was always present. This is one family’s story in these troubled times.

BUY HERE: £10.95

The Price of Silence by Nikki Copleton

When popular businesswoman Holly Macleod is found strangled, DI Jeff Lincoln is brought in. As he sifts through the details of her life, he uncovers one mystery after another. Lincoln and his team must find out who Holly really was and why she came to a Wiltshire market town to reinvent herself. Above all, who would want her dead?

BUY HERE: £9.99

The Year the Swans Came by Barbara Spencer

A fantasy and magical realism novel for adults by an award-winning  author. Growing up amongst the ruins of war, four siblings use the bridges and walkways of the old city as a backdrop for their games, until one day when Pieter Bader, the eldest, vanishes. Is his disappearance linked to the arrival of the swans, cursed in the city, and feared as birds of ill-fortune?

BUY HERE:  £6.99


The Last Dragon by Jesse Mack

On holiday, Will builds a dragon in the sand. After that, the dragon appears every night in Will’s dreams. He’s a dragon with attitude, and he’s very much alive. Each night, he demands that Will makes him better and grander. In exchange, the dragon promises to take Will back in time to see real dinosaurs. What can go wrong?

BUY HERE:  £6.99

Zoe & the Very Grumpy Witch (2nd edition) by Gill Ingram

Everyone says that Zoe is too sensible to imagine a witch – but they’re wrong!

Savoy is grumpy, smelly and sneezy and not a witch you’d like to sit next to on a bus.

Zoe has no idea how to get rid of her – but she needs to try!

BUY HERE:  £5.99 from 12 November

It Leaves Me the Same by Ed Green

Based on the true story of E.A. Green’s great  uncle, It Leaves Me the Same explores a nineteen year old’s journey from his family farm in Somerset through the Somme battlefield during the Great War. After finding a diary and a bag full of letters written home from the front, the author retraced his great uncle’s route … 

BUY HERE: £10.33

Strays and Relations by Dizzy Greenfield

Adopted at birth, Dizzy had always been keen to find her roots and Strays and Relations is an account of that search. The unusual personalities, situations and animals she encountered in the journey to find her family are vividly and humorously described. This is a book which will both amuse readers and touch their hearts.

BUY HERE: £10.58

An Ocean of White Wings by Barbara Spencer

Despite the heartbreak of saying goodbye to his close friend, Rico, Yöst has finally achieved his dream of becoming a fully-fledged cob, able to take to the skies, free and powerful at last. But the price he has paid is high and is about to get higher. War is approaching … and with it a deadly foe.

BUY HERE: £9.99

Echoes of Friendship by Wendy Worley

A Young Adult novel which interweaves the stirring story of Mac, a young Scottish soldier in the trenches of World War 1, and that of his great-grandson, Andy, as he investigates his great-grandfather’s life. Both stories deal with survival, challenge, and unlikely friendships. Though 100 years apart, the stories share surprising similarities.

BUY HERE: £8.99

The Tissue Veil by Brenda Bannister’s

A dual-narrative tale set in Stepney during both Edwardian and contemporary times. Living in the same house, a century apart, two young women, Emily and Aysha, struggle to assert their identities. Both ghost story and social commentary, this book offers intriguing and compulsive reading.

BUY HERE: £12.72

 The Shame of Innocence by Nikki Copleton

A gripping detective novel set in the West Country: when two teenage girls are murdered DI Jeff Lincoln and his team  must battle local corruption in a race to prevent a third killing. The Shame of Innocence boasts a flawed hero, a gritty narrative and all the twists you could wish for.

BUY HERE: £11.99

Sigura by Elizabeth Hutchinson

Threatened by pirates and outlaws, the Aegean island of Mytilene is a dangerous place in the 15th century -the final years of the Byzantine Empire. Nabila, daughter of Andreas, the commander of Sigura, is desperate to see the world and seek her own destiny, but her father has other ideas …

BUY HERE: £7.99

The Click of a Pebble by Barbara Spencer

Barbara Spencer’s novel is the first of a fantasy series based on the carinatae, a race of shape-shifters and magical beings, half human, half swan. A prejudiced priest leads an island massacre of swans, but three children of the carinatae, Yost, Zande, and Tatiana, survive. This is the beginning of their story…

BUY HERE: £9.99